Stephen Forrest

Stephen Forrest, Biography

Stephen Forrest is an Arkansas native who took an interest in photography during his early adolescence.

He moved from his birthplace, Fordyce, to Little Rock in 2004.  He has been influenced, supported, and inspired ever since by what he likes to think of as his “Little Rock Family”.

Through the years, he has worked alongside and collaborated with other local photographers. Their projects have ranged anywhere between headshots and weddings to runway fashion and magazine editorials. He has also been involved with local ad agencies.

After a decade of experience, while enrolled in general ed courses at Pulaski Technical College, Stephen was exposed to American Sign Language (ASL). Unexpectedly, he elected to take the course and now, attributes his great ambition for the expressive language to his first ASL professor. This led him to join the Interpreting Education Program which is offered at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR).

Last summer, Stephen completed a course of study learning the specifics of visual gestural communication at Gallaudet University.  Located in Washington D.C., Gallaudet is an all Deaf liberal arts college that offers interpreting courses to the hearing.

This summer, he is returning to study again. All proceeds from this exhibit will be invested into his education and travel expenses.