Smooth Custom Coffee Blend

Custom Coffee Blend: The Smooth Prince of Coffeeness

The other day, I created this custom coffee blend for a customer:  This is a three coffee bean blend with:

  • Guatemalan Antigua
  • Costa Rican La Minita
  • Monsoon Malabar AA

The Costa Rican La Minita is single origin and is actually called an estate coffee, because the bean comes from the same plantation.  This bean is consistently ranked among the top five coffees in the world. Climate and soil are what help make this a very high quality coffee.   Very rich, full bodied coffee flavor, with toasted almond notes, full body, good mouth feel.  The Costa Rican La Minita is prized for it’s evenly balanced, but full bodied flavor.

We’ve paired this up with the Guatemalan Antigua – a newer kid on the coffee block.  Newer plantation, not as established in the coffee world, more of an outsider.  Nevertheless, this is a good coffee bean.   It’s a lighter roast, and starts off with nice bright, citrus notes, finishing with Dark chocolate notes, and smoky finish.

Blended into the mix is the Monsoon Malabar AA, from southern India, a unique coffee that has been cured in the monsoon rains for three months.  The natural curing process mellows the coffee, removing all acidity – leaving an aromatic, spicy flavor.

Together, these fine coffees make a blend that can only be appreciated in a hand blown, double walled, insulated Bodum glass mug.  (We’re kidding, but at least don’t serve this blend in a foam cup!)

Seriously, the “Smooth Prince of Coffeeness” (as we jokingly call it) encompasses the lighter roast of the Guatemalan Antiqua, the medium roast of the Costa Rican La Minita, and the rich dark roast of the Monsoon Malabar AA  for a perfectly balanced cup.

Stop in to River City Coffee and ask Jeremy about “The Smooth Prince of Coffeeness.”


jeremyJeremy Bragg is co-owner of River City Coffee.  He loves coffee, and is always studying up on java (not the computer language).  Ask him about his custom coffee creations next time you’re at River City Coffee.

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