Ideal Temperature For Coffee? – Ask Jeremy

What is the ideal temperature for coffee?

Can the temperature of coffee affect the flavor?

IMG_4033It’s true that, as coffee cools, it can take on a different flavor profile.  However, if you have quality beans that are roasted properly, it won’t necessarily affect the flavor.  As the coffee cools, the profile changes but a quality bean will still taste great!

All of River City’s coffee beans and coffee bean blends come from G3 Coffee in Little Rock. G3’s Hans Oliver, will have a cupping for a new coffee bean new blend.  The coffee is sampled at several different temperatures to ensure that the characteristics of that blend are still good and proper at all temperatures.  If it is, that’s how Hans knows he has a good bean, and a good roast.

Try sipping your next cup of coffee at different temperatures and see if you notice a difference in flavor.   

Pro tip: Pre-warming your coffee mug keeps that cup at the same temperature longer.  A cold mug zaps out the heat!

jeremyJeremy Bragg is co-owner of River City Coffee.  He loves coffee, and is always studying up on java (not the computer language).  Ask him about his custom coffee creations next time you’re at River City Coffee.

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