Iced Mocha Breve Latte

This is how we make an Iced Mocha Breve Latte at River City Coffee.

We are using coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice, which makes an iced drink much better
when it melts. It “coffees the drink up,” instead of watering it down.

The first thing we’re gonna do is put our chocolate sauce directly into our steaming jug.
…which we will not be actually steaming… obviously, because this is an iced drink.
We will be tempering though, so it’s good to have a container that you can put hot things into.

What we are going to do right now is pull three shots of espresso for our large Iced Mocha Breve Latte.

While that’s working, we can go ahead and get our milk out.
We will be using half & half, which will make our drink that much richer and creamier,and more delicious.

When our espresso shots are pulled, we will finish fulling incorporating our dark chocolate sauce, into the hot espresso.
This will provide a bit of tempering since the chocolate sauce is at room temperature. We’re going to finish bringing the
temperature the espresso down with our cold half and half.
This will bring it down below room temperature, which is exactly
where we want the drink to be before we pour it over our ice, so it doesn’t instantaneously
melt our coffee ice cubes.

And that, my friends, is how we do an Iced Mocha at River City Coffee.

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