Espresso Drink Trends

Espresso Drink Trends, by Jeremy Bragg.

Cinnamon RollIt’s espresso season, and at River City Coffee we offer creative “espression.” Our baristas are always trying new creations, and if you happen be there at the point of inception, you may be asked to try one out! Some of our drinks are created by or inspired by our customers.

Espresso drinks, much like the rest of the industry, are becoming more creative as time goes on. This is due to different tastes in coffee, and the new, various combinations of options and flavors. Most recently, the Tuscan Latte and Rosemary Syrup Latte are outstanding drinks that exhibit these savory concepts.

At River City Coffee, you will find our Lavender Latte very popular now, along with our cinnamon roll. The idea of introducing various flavors into … (this is where we stopped. Mention that you read this “not quite finished post” and get 10% off your order!  No kidding.)

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