Regi Ott


My entire life has been a journey of pleasing people.  I’m a Realtor, an actor, a mother to Oz & Wiz (our Yorkipoos) and a wife.  I love to perform, on stage or off.  I can be found making up funny lyrics to songs, sharing wit and wisdom, and am always good for a pun.  River City was a dream of my husband’s, and it soon became mine as well.  It’s a chance to make something we enjoy doing-drinking coffee and helping people-a business.  I’m the creative mind behind the scenes, but you will often find me sitting at a table working.  And why wouldn’t I?  River City IS the best place to work/study/meet friends & clients.  Practicing what I preach, one cup at a time.

Regi is the co-owner of River City Coffee.

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