Jeremy Bragg

JEREMY BRAGG: I love coffee.  From the smell to the science of the roasting, coffee is a passion.  When I”m not researching java, I’m searching for new music and filling my computer and shop with tunes.  I can be found … Continue reading

Stephen Forrest

STEPHEN FORREST: I prefer: tea over coffee, quality over quantity, and beer with lunch. My strategy: go where the wind blows and document everything on the way. As a photographer, I believe there’s nothing good lighting can’t fix. As a … Continue reading

Sam Sturdivant

THE BEST BARTENDER Sam Sturdivant is a light hearted soul with a passion for innovative coffee techniques.  He enjoys the many (and definitely obscure) facets of the musical world with a vinyl collection that is most envious.  He uses his … Continue reading

Regi Ott

REGI OTT: My entire life has been a journey of pleasing people.  I’m a Realtor, an actor, a mother to Oz & Wiz (our Yorkipoos) and a wife.  I love to perform, on stage or off.  I can be found … Continue reading