Ask Jeremy: Good Water Makes Good Coffee

Good Water Makes Good Coffee!

Pro tip:  Use filtered water. Water matters!

Let’s face it: Coffee contains a lot of water.  So, if you are using hard or soft water, the taste of that particular water can end up changing the flavor of your coffee.  Plus, unfiltered hard water can gum up your coffee maker. Clean water will make your coffee just taste better!   You can be using the most exotic coffee beans and make a terrible cup of coffee by using bad tasting water.

A question that I am asked a lot is, “How can you clean your coffee maker at home?”   One of the best ways is with some white vinegar mixed with water.  Then a clean rinse again with just water.

At River City Coffee, we filter all of our water: from the coffee maker, to the espresso machine to the tap water we use.  It just tastes better!  Good water makes good coffee!

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